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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Dunckley, Richard  1861[Census Record Not Found] P703
2 Dunckley, Sarah  1861[Census Record Not Found] P704
3 Elmer, William  1881[Census Record Not Found] P1636
4 Fleming, Janet  1841[Census Record Not Found] P730
5 Fleming, Janet  1851[Census Record Not Found] P730
6 Howells, Mary  1881[Census Record Not Found] P1616
7 Lockley, Mary  1851[Census Record Not Found] P692
8 Lockley, Mary  1861[Census Record Not Found] P692
9 Marshall, Harriet  1851[Census Record Not Found] P1319
10 Thomson, Robert  1861[Census Record Not Found] P1174
11 Thornton, Margaret  1861[Census Record Not Found] P737