Boxted, Essex, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.962659, Longitude: 0.909356


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ablewhite, James  Abt 1832Boxted, Essex, England P1435
2 Banister, Cornelius  1887Boxted, Essex, England P1334
3 Banister, Henry  Abt 1889Boxted, Essex, England P1333
4 Banister, Lillie  Abt 1882Boxted, Essex, England P1336
5 Banister, Maud  Abt 1886Boxted, Essex, England P1335
6 Banister, Ruby Miriam  Abt 1884Boxted, Essex, England P1329
7 Elmer, Adelaide Harriet  1858Boxted, Essex, England P1338
8 Elmer, Alice  1870Boxted, Essex, England I678
9 Elmer, Amos  Abt 1853Boxted, Essex, England I673
10 Elmer, Anne  Abt 1878Boxted, Essex, England I2017
11 Elmer, Annie Maria  Abt 1875Boxted, Essex, England I2011
12 Elmer, Arthur  1866Boxted, Essex, England P1662
13 Elmer, Arthur Willis  Abt 1910Boxted, Essex, England I689
14 Elmer, Bessie Henrietta  Abt 1881Boxted, Essex, England I2009
15 Elmer, Charles  1829Boxted, Essex, England I658
16 Elmer, Dora Jessie  Abt 1885Boxted, Essex, England I2015
17 Elmer, Edgar  Abt 1873Boxted, Essex, England I680
18 Elmer, Eliza  22 Sep 1831Boxted, Essex, England P1202
19 Elmer, Eliza  Abt 1858Boxted, Essex, England I675
20 Elmer, Ellen Rebecca  Abt 1847Boxted, Essex, England I666
21 Elmer, Esther  Abt 1862Boxted, Essex, England I676
22 Elmer, Florence  1871Boxted, Essex, England I679
23 Elmer, Florence May  1873Boxted, Essex, England P1663
24 Elmer, George Zenos  Abt 1858Boxted, Essex, England I663
25 Elmer, Georgiana  1883Boxted, Essex, England I2006
26 Elmer, Georgiana Emily  1883Boxted, Essex, England I2007
27 Elmer, Grace  1863Boxted, Essex, England P1317
28 Elmer, Harry Amos  1874Boxted, Essex, England I1989
29 Elmer, Henry Ernest "Harry"  1876Boxted, Essex, England P1664
30 Elmer, Henry James  Abt 1908Boxted, Essex, England I688
31 Elmer, Herbert  Abt 1878Boxted, Essex, England I682
32 Elmer, Herbert Ernest  Abt 1864Boxted, Essex, England I667
33 Elmer, Ivy  Abt 1905Boxted, Essex, England I687
34 Elmer, Jessie  Abt 1886Boxted, Essex, England I684
35 Elmer, John  11 May 1826Boxted, Essex, England P1199
36 Elmer, John  Abt 1855Boxted, Essex, England I674
37 Elmer, John Butcher  Abt 1856Boxted, Essex, England P1344
38 Elmer, Joseph  Abt 1883Boxted, Essex, England I683
39 Elmer, Kate  1871Boxted, Essex, England P1397
40 Elmer, Lydia  14 Aug 1823Boxted, Essex, England P1200
41 Elmer, Mary  Mar 1851Boxted, Essex, England I662
42 Elmer, Mary Ann  9 Jul 1817Boxted, Essex, England P1201
43 Elmer, Mary Ann  Abt 1890Boxted, Essex, England I2013
44 Elmer, Obadiah  Abt 1848Boxted, Essex, England I671
45 Elmer, Parker  Abt 1876Boxted, Essex, England I681
46 Elmer, Robert  Abt 1816Boxted, Essex, England I605
47 Elmer, Robert  Abt 1846Boxted, Essex, England I670
48 Elmer, Rosina  Abt 1849Boxted, Essex, England I665
49 Elmer, Sarah  Abt 1836Boxted, Essex, England P1204
50 Elmer, Thomas  1880Boxted, Essex, England P1337

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bardell, Samuel  1776Boxted, Essex, England I2375
2 Cutting, Lydia  1866Boxted, Essex, England P1198
3 Elmer, Dyer  1853Boxted, Essex, England P1205
4 Elmer, John  Jan 1889Boxted, Essex, England I655
5 Elmer, John  Abt 1896Boxted, Essex, England P1199
6 Elmer, William  1838Boxted, Essex, England P1203

Baptism or Christening

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism or Christening    Person ID 
1 Elmer, Joseph  17 Jun 1883Boxted, Essex, England I683
2 Elmer, Kate  9 Apr 1871Boxted, Essex, England P1397
3 Elmer, William  20 Aug 1820Boxted, Essex, England P1203
4 Taylor, Eliza  14 Jan 1866Boxted, Essex, England P1297
5 Taylor, Emily  2 Sep 1868Boxted, Essex, England P1296
6 Taylor, Esther  28 Oct 1855Boxted, Essex, England P1303
7 Taylor, Hannah  13 Jul 1851Boxted, Essex, England P1304
8 Taylor, John  1 Apr 1849Boxted, Essex, England P1301
9 Taylor, Lydia  14 Sep 1862Boxted, Essex, England P1298
10 Taylor, Mark  14 Sep 1862Boxted, Essex, England P1300
11 Taylor, Robert  31 Jan 1847Boxted, Essex, England P1302
12 Taylor, William  14 Sep 1862Boxted, Essex, England P1299


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cutting, Lydia  1841Boxted, Essex, England P1198
2 Cutting, Lydia  1851Boxted, Essex, England P1198
3 Cutting, Lydia  1861Boxted, Essex, England P1198
4 Eady, Sarah  1881Boxted, Essex, England I616
5 Elmer, Adelaide Harriet  1861Boxted, Essex, England P1338
6 Elmer, Adelaide Harriet  1871Boxted, Essex, England P1338
7 Elmer, Adelaide Harriet  1881Boxted, Essex, England P1338
8 Elmer, Arthur  1871Boxted, Essex, England P1662
9 Elmer, Arthur  1881Boxted, Essex, England P1662
10 Elmer, Dyer  1841Boxted, Essex, England P1205
11 Elmer, Dyer  1851Boxted, Essex, England P1205
12 Elmer, Edgar  1902Boxted, Essex, England I680
13 Elmer, Eliza  1841Boxted, Essex, England P1202
14 Elmer, Florence May  1881Boxted, Essex, England P1663
15 Elmer, Grace  1871Boxted, Essex, England P1317
16 Elmer, Harry Amos  1881Boxted, Essex, England I1989
17 Elmer, Henry  1841Boxted, Essex, England I3
18 Elmer, Henry Ernest "Harry"  1881Boxted, Essex, England P1664
19 Elmer, Henry Ernest "Harry"  1891Boxted, Essex, England P1664
20 Elmer, John  1841Boxted, Essex, England P1199
21 Elmer, John  1851Boxted, Essex, England P1199
22 Elmer, John  1861Boxted, Essex, England P1199
23 Elmer, John  1881Boxted, Essex, England P1199
24 Elmer, John  1891Boxted, Essex, England P1199
25 Elmer, John  1895Boxted, Essex, England P1199
26 Elmer, John Butcher  1861Boxted, Essex, England P1344
27 Elmer, John Butcher  1871Boxted, Essex, England P1344
28 Elmer, Kate  1891Boxted, Essex, England P1397
29 Elmer, Lydia  1841Boxted, Essex, England P1200
30 Elmer, Lydia  1851Boxted, Essex, England P1200
31 Elmer, Lydia  1861Boxted, Essex, England P1200
32 Elmer, Lydia  1871Boxted, Essex, England P1200
33 Elmer, Robert  1881Boxted, Essex, England I605
34 Elmer, Sarah  1841Boxted, Essex, England P1204
35 Elmer, Sarah  1851Boxted, Essex, England P1204
36 Elmer, Sarah  1861Boxted, Essex, England P1204
37 Elmer, William  1861Boxted, Essex, England P1636
38 Marshall, Harriet  1861Boxted, Essex, England P1319
39 Marshall, Harriet  1871Boxted, Essex, England P1319
40 Marshall, Harriet  1881Boxted, Essex, England P1319
41 Peachey, Amos  1861Boxted, Essex, England P1289
42 Peachey, Amos  1861Boxted, Essex, England P1288
43 Peachey, Rosannah  1861Boxted, Essex, England P1290
44 Taylor, Eliza  1871Boxted, Essex, England P1297
45 Taylor, Emily  1871Boxted, Essex, England P1296
46 Taylor, Esther  1861Boxted, Essex, England P1303
47 Taylor, Hannah  1851Boxted, Essex, England P1304
48 Taylor, Hannah  1861Boxted, Essex, England P1304
49 Taylor, John  1851Boxted, Essex, England P1301
50 Taylor, John  1861Boxted, Essex, England P1301

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bardell / Dyer  23 May 1775Boxted, Essex, England F842