Croydon, Surrey, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.376165, Longitude: -0.09823400000004767


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cox, Arthur Nelson  1906Croydon, Surrey, England I2353
2 Elmer, Ellen M  Abt 1925Croydon, Surrey, England I2249
3 Elmer, Grace  1902Croydon, Surrey, England P1642
4 Elmer, John  1883Croydon, Surrey, England P1644
5 Elmer, Olive M  Abt 1923Croydon, Surrey, England I2248
6 Elmer, Ronald  Abt 1925Croydon, Surrey, England I2199
7 Elmer, Ruby M  Abt 1927Croydon, Surrey, England I2200
8 Elmer, Sheila  Abt 1934Croydon, Surrey, England I2202
9 Elmer, Stanley G  Abt 1920Croydon, Surrey, England I2246
10 Elmer, Sylvia J  Abt 1930Croydon, Surrey, England I2201
11 Elmer, William H  Abt 1922Croydon, Surrey, England I2247
12 Elmer, William J  Abt 1922Croydon, Surrey, England I2198
13 Gallard, Elsie Agnes  1909Croydon, Surrey, England I570
14 Gallard, Harry James  1907Croydon, Surrey, England I569
15 Gallard, Phoebe Mary  Abt 1905Croydon, Surrey, England I568
16 Grender, George Robert A  Abt 1887Croydon, Surrey, England P533
17 Hickey, Annie  1915Croydon, Surrey, England P2315
18 Hickey, Annie F  1915Croydon, Surrey, England P1580
19 Hickey, Charlotte  Abt 1895Croydon, Surrey, England I2334
20 Hickey, Ellen  Abt 1911Croydon, Surrey, England P1583
21 Hickey, Helen Kathleen  4 Sep 1931Croydon, Surrey, England P2319
22 Hickey, James  23 Feb 1873Croydon, Surrey, England P2313
23 Hickey, James Maurice  3 May 1901Croydon, Surrey, England P1585
24 Hickey, James R  7 Sep 1930Croydon, Surrey, England P2318
25 Hickey, John  26 Feb 1870Croydon, Surrey, England P2311
26 Hickey, John  Abt 1898Croydon, Surrey, England P1586
27 Hickey, Joseph  1865Croydon, Surrey, England I579
28 Hickey, Mary  Abt 1903Croydon, Surrey, England P1584
29 Hickey, Mary  Abt 1913Croydon, Surrey, England P2314
30 Hickey, Maurice  Abt 1875Croydon, Surrey, England P1567
31 Hickey, Patrick  1912Croydon, Surrey, England P1579
32 Hickey, Rose Violet  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I2335
33 Hickey, Sarah Deborah  1907Croydon, Surrey, England P1578
34 Hickey, William  1906Croydon, Surrey, England P1577
35 Hyder  Abt 1889Croydon, Surrey, England I2105
36 Hyder, Daniel George  1896Croydon, Surrey, England I2101
37 Hyder, Emma G A  1922Croydon, Surrey, England I2337
38 Hyder, Harriet Ellen  Abt 1892Croydon, Surrey, England I2103
39 Hyder, Horace  Abt 1889Croydon, Surrey, England I2104
40 Hyder, Joe  Abt 1886Croydon, Surrey, England I2106
41 Hyder, Mary  Abt 1884Croydon, Surrey, England I2100
42 Hyder, William John  Abt 1894Croydon, Surrey, England I2102
43 Ridley, Alfred George  20 Feb 1864Croydon, Surrey, England P1648
44 Ridley, Catherine Ellen  1873Croydon, Surrey, England I2119
45 Ridley, Henry  1866Croydon, Surrey, England P548
46 Ridley, Leonard  20 Aug 1903Croydon, Surrey, England P1287
47 Ridley, William Leonard  6 Apr 1916Croydon, Surrey, England P501
48 Riley, Doris Mary  Abt 1920Croydon, Surrey, England I2345
49 Riley, Esmee Thursa  Abt 1923Croydon, Surrey, England I2347
50 Riley, Ivy Eileen  1926Croydon, Surrey, England I2349

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Apps, Emma Lucy  1934Croydon, Surrey, England P493
2 Elmer, Annie  Jan 1987Croydon, Surrey, England P61
3 Elmer, John  1883Croydon, Surrey, England P1644
4 Hickey, Ann  Abt 1912Croydon, Surrey, England P817
5 Hickey, Annie F  1915Croydon, Surrey, England P1580
6 Hickey, Charlotte  1895Croydon, Surrey, England I2334
7 Hickey, Daniel  1871Croydon, Surrey, England P2312
8 Hickey, Daniel  1872Croydon, Surrey, England P821
9 Hickey, Dennis  1861Croydon, Surrey, England P814
10 Hickey, James  Aft 22 Feb 1874Croydon, Surrey, England P2313
11 Hickey, James  1906Croydon, Surrey, England P815
12 Hickey, James Charles  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I584
13 Hickey, Johanna  1889Croydon, Surrey, England P1575
14 Hickey, John  Aft 25 Feb 1871Croydon, Surrey, England P2311
15 Hickey, John  1889Croydon, Surrey, England P813
16 Hickey, Joseph  1865Croydon, Surrey, England I579
17 Hickey, Patrick  1929Croydon, Surrey, England P818
18 Hickey, Sarah Deborah  1908Croydon, Surrey, England P1578
19 Hickey, William  1906Croydon, Surrey, England P1577
20 Hyder  Abt 1889Croydon, Surrey, England I2105
21 Hyder, Daniel George  1897Croydon, Surrey, England I2101
22 Hyder, Horace  Abt 1889Croydon, Surrey, England I2104
23 Hyder, Joe  Abt 1886Croydon, Surrey, England I2106
24 Hyder, Mary  Abt 1884Croydon, Surrey, England I2100
25 Hyder, William Horace  Abt 1909Croydon, Surrey, England I572
26 Loosmore, William Charles  1931Croydon, Surrey, England P923
27 Murphy, Deborah  1908Croydon, Surrey, England P1566
28 Ridley, Alfred George  1928Croydon, Surrey, England P1648
29 Ridley, Catherine Ellen  1874Croydon, Surrey, England I2119
30 Theobald, Joseph  Abt 1899Croydon, Surrey, England P1568


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Elmer, William  1882Croydon, Surrey, England P1636
2 Ridley, George William  1918Croydon, Surrey, England P1649
3 Ridley, William  1881Croydon, Surrey, England P523


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cox / Elmer  1905Croydon, Surrey, England F546
2 Elmer / Baker  1919Croydon, Surrey, England F545
3 Elmer / Lawrence  1895Croydon, Surrey, England F731
4 Elmer / Page  1922Croydon, Surrey, England F788
5 Elmer / Tilley  15 Aug 1880Croydon, Surrey, England F729
6 Gallard / Theobald  1899Croydon, Surrey, England F227
7 Grender / Ridley  Abt 1886Croydon, Surrey, England F90
8 Hathaway / Loosmore  1939Croydon, Surrey, England F16
9 Hickey / Hunt  1931Croydon, Surrey, England F831
10 Hickey / Stevens  1900Croydon, Surrey, England F490
11 Ridley / Gannaway  1916Croydon, Surrey, England F342
12 Ridley / Weld  1938Croydon, Surrey, England F246
13 Ridley / Wood  21 Nov 1840Croydon, Surrey, England F367
14 Riley / Hyder  1906Croydon, Surrey, England F760
15 Watkin / Elmer  1932Croydon, Surrey, England F174