Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.010227, Longitude: -0.9638740000000325


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Frith, Sarah  Abt 1771Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I188
2 Morris, Abel  Abt 1803Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I192
3 Morris, Anne  Abt 1804Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I193
4 Morris, Anne  Abt 1834Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I181
5 Morris, Catherine  Abt 1806Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I194
6 Morris, Charlotte  Abt 1810Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I196
7 Morris, Elizabeth  Abt 1820Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I185
8 Morris, George  Abt 1845Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P895
9 Morris, Hannah  Abt 1799Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I190
10 Morris, Hannah  Abt 1836Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I182
11 Morris, Harriet  Abt 1828Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I178
12 Morris, Harriet Millicent  Abt 1809Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I195
13 Morris, Henry  Abt 1814Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I198
14 Morris, Henry  Abt 1830Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I183
15 Morris, John  Abt 1812Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I197
16 Morris, John  Abt 1826Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I184
17 Morris, Maria  Abt 1820Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I199
18 Morris, Maria  11 May 1838Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P899
19 Morris, Mary  Abt 1822Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P898
20 Morris, Millicent  Abt 1825Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I180
21 Morris, Sarah  Abt 1798Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I191
22 Morris, Sarah  Abt 1823Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I179
23 Morris, Sarah  Abt 1841Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P896
24 Morris, Thomas  Abt 1794Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I189
25 Morris, Thomas  Abt 1847Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P894
26 Morris, William  Abt 1796Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P900
27 Morris, William  Abt 1832Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P897


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Frith, Sarah  20 Dec 1861Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I188
2 Morris, Abel  14 May 1853Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I187

Baptism or Christening

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism or Christening    Person ID 
1 Frith, Sarah  11 Apr 1771Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I188
2 Morris, Maria  13 May 1838Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P899
3 Morris, William  14 Feb 1796Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P900


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Alvey, Millicent  1841Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P893
2 Alvey, Millicent  1851Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P893
3 Alvey, Millicent  1861Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P893
4 Alvey, Millicent  1871Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P893
5 Alvey, Millicent  1881Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P893
6 Frith, Sarah  1841Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I188
7 Frith, Sarah  1851Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I188
8 Frith, Sarah  1861Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I188
9 Morris, Abel  1841Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I187
10 Morris, Abel  1851Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I187
11 Morris, Abel  1853Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I187
12 Morris, Anne  1841Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I181
13 Morris, Elizabeth  1841Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I185
14 Morris, George  1851Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P895
15 Morris, Hannah  1841Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I182
16 Morris, Henry  1841Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England I183
17 Morris, Maria  1841Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P899
18 Morris, Maria  1851Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P899
19 Morris, Maria  1861Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P899
20 Morris, Mary  1841Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P898
21 Morris, Mary  1851Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P898
22 Morris, Sarah  1851Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P896
23 Morris, Thomas  1851Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P894
24 Morris, William  1841Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P900
25 Morris, William  1841Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P897
26 Morris, William  1851Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P900
27 Morris, William  1851Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P897
28 Morris, William  1861Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P900
29 Morris, William  1861Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P897
30 Morris, William  1871Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P900
31 Morris, William  1881Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P900
32 Morris, William  1881Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England P897


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Morris / Frith  4 Mar 1794Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England F578