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William Webb, Redhill. pleaded guilty to having assulted Mrs. King

The Sussex Advertiser, Surrey Gazette, &c. January 1, 1850.


Magistrates' Clerk's Office, Dec., 26. - Before the Rev. J. C. Wynter, and A. Fraser, Esq. - William Webb, Redhill. pleaded guilty to having assulted Mrs. King. Complainant (who had a very black eye) said, on Thursday, the 20th, prisoner came to my husband's beer-shop, and called for some beer. I found him opening the pantry door ; after some time I fancied I heard some one going up stairs, and found Webb on the stairs I asked him what he wanted, and he began rapping the stairs and swearing at me. I ordered him out; it was several minutes before he would come out. Webb was with his brother Jeffery. I again left the room, and again heard some one go up stairs ; I found it was the prisoner. I asked him again what he wanted, and laid hold of his coat ; he came down, and he and his brother began swearing at me. I said I had been robbed, and prisoner said, " do you think we want to rob you ?" Jeffery caught up the poker ; pushed my head back with one hand, and shoved the poker against my neck. I said I would send for Mr. Lambert, and then they went away. Both came back again between 4 and 5 o'clock, and began arguing with my husband; when I went in, prisoner began swearing at me, and in the midst of the swearing the blow came. I fell across a large stool which very much hurt my back, and my head struck against a stool and cut it very much. I was stunned. I don't remember any more. Prisoner said, he only went to the stairs to call Mr. King, who had been drinking with them that morning, and Mrs. King began black-guarding him and in the afternoon shoved her face in his, and said " hit me." He was very sorry. THe Magistrates said, it was very clear as to the assault, and strongly condemned the cowardly and unmanly act of a young man striking an old woman, and they should not be doing justice if they did not mark their sense of such an assult. Fined, including expenses, ?5, or two months imprisonment. Committed in default.

Owner/SourceThe Sussex Advertiser, Surrey Gazette
PlaceReigate, Surrey, England
Linked toJeffrey Webb; William Webb

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