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Emanuel Duckworth discovered drowned body of Elizabeth Palethorp, aged 17

"It was shown that she entertained a great affection for a young man named Duckworth, who however did not return her love"

Nottinghamshire Guardian, Thursday Evening, July 4, 1850.

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Found Drowned. - On Friday last, about two o'clock, the body of a young woman was found in the Newark Navigation. On examination it proved to be that of Elizabeth Palethorpe, aged 17, servant with Mr. William Wright, Newark. She had her bonnet, shawl, and gloves on. The body presented no appearance of external injury. The following day an inquest was held at the Ship Inn, before Mr. Coroner Burnaby, when the following facts was elicited. On Thursday night the deceased asked for permission to go out, to have her boot mended. She went out of half-past six o'clock. The last time she was seen was soon after ten o'clock, with a young man in fustian clothes, going towards the Navigation. It was shown that she entertained a great affection for a young man named Duckworth, who however did not return her love. Duckworth has been from Newark for about a month. The man with whom she was seen is not yet known.    Verdict : " Found drowned."

The Lincoln, Rutland, and Stamford Mercury, Friday July 5, 1850

Newark. - On Saturday last, an inquest was held at the Ship inn, before Thos. F. A. Burnaby, Gent., coroner, on the body of Eliz. Palethorp, aged 17, respecting whose death rumours of a serious nature had arisen. The following evidence was taken : - Jas. Prior Lacy, Esq., surgeon, said he had examined the body of the deceased, and made an analysis of the contents of the stomach. There were no external marks of violence, and it was quite clear that her person had not been violated : she was not pregnant, and evidently never had been. He had no doubt the deceased came to her death by drowning. - Chas. Streets, police-officer, deposed that on Friday 1/2 past 2 o'clock he was sent to the Newark navigation, near the bottom lock, to see the body of the decased : he took it out of the water. - Emanuel Duckworth, brickmaker, said he first discovered the body in the navigation : it was four yards from the side. The deceased's shawl was over her head and face, but it was loose : the bonnet was much crushed. - Jas. Sharp, shoemaker, stated that on Thursday night about 10 o'clock he was walking with Wm. Brett by the side of the navigation, and met a young man and a young woman walking together : they were going in the direction of the bottom lock. He had seen the body of the deceased, but could not swear it was the woman he met, though the features and size were very similar. - Eliz. Hallam, cook in the family of Mr. Wm. Wight, in Carter-gate, said the deceased was her fellow-servant. About 1/2 past 6 on Thursday evening she asked leave to go out, saying she wished to get her shoes mended. She put all her things in her box before she went out, which was quite unusual : she seemed in good spirits. She often talked of a young man named Duckworth, a stonemason, of whom she was very fond, and occasionally complained that he slighted her. Excepting on the subject of Duckworth, she seemed quite happy, and did her work cheerfully. - Ann Palethorpe, widow, said the deceased (who was her daughter) called at her house on Thursday evening the 27th ult (?), about 7 o'clock : she seemed in good spirits, and stayed about 10 minutes, saying she had asked leave of her mistress to go out merely to get her shoes mended, and that she must go back. Witness showed her a dress which she had bought for her, and deceased said she liked it, and desired the person who was to make it up to call at Mrs. Wright's another evening. Witness had heard of her being seen with a young man, and begged her not to think of such things, and she promised she would not - Ann Ansten, widow, deposed that on Thursday night about 1/4 before 8 she saw deceased in Winthorpe-lane : witness asked where she was going, and she replied, to have a bit of a walk : she shook hands with her, and bid her good night, and she seemed quite cheerful. Witness watched her for some distancem and she occasionally looked round as though she was looking for some one. - Thomas Sharpe, grocer, said that on Thursday evening about 8 o'clock he saw the deceased near the bottom lock : she was alone, and walking rapidly on the Newark side of the navigation under the arches of the railway bridges : she looked round three times, and seemed as if she was watching witness. - Wm. Brett, shoemaker, said he was with Jas. Sharpe a little before 10 on Thursday night, when they met a young man and young woman coming from Newark. He had seen the body of the deceased, and had no doubt it was that of the young woman he saw ; they walked on in the direction of the bottom lock. - Rt. Hansall, bricklayer, said he knew the deceased, but never was with her more than once : had had not seen her that week. She had often asked where Duckworth was. Duckworth had been away from Newark for six weeks or two months. She had said she would write to him, if she could get to know where he was. Witness was at home on the Thursday evening, and saw nothing of deceased that evening : she was quite crazy about Duckworth.    Verdict, found drowned.

Date28 Nov 2012
PlaceNewark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England
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